Global Healing is dedicated to improving access to high quality healthcare in developing countries.

We do this by:

Building strong relationships with our partners abroad, established on equity and dedicated to lasting, meaningful impact.

Harnessing contributions of high quality medical equipment and supplies that improve the standard of care abroad.

Leveraging the time and expertise of selfless, volunteer medical specialists to improve their counterparts’ skill sets.



Thanks to a generous donation, we automatically apply 100% of your donations to our life-saving work.


Global Healing has strong relationships based on equity and understanding with 36 different medical facilities in 8 countries.


Over 400 volunteers feel so connected to our mission that they have given countless hours of their time both stateside and abroad.

Join Us. Give the Gift of Health.


We need your help. Our programs depend on the selfless act of giving. Find out more about how you can contribute to our mission.

Give Health



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