Blood Safety

  • We started the year with great news. The latest generous donation by Helmer Scientific was delivered this past week to Tbilisi, Georgia. Helmer Scientific has donated multiple items of life-saving cold chain equipment as part of their corporate philanthropy program, “Chill the World.”  This equipment is now helping make safe blood accessible and is increasing the number of blood products the Jo Ann Medical Center (JAMC) Blood Bank in Georgia [...]

    February 27, 2018


  • Written by John Donnelly, Ph.D., Global Healing President Last week more than 80 blood bankers from the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, along with industry and government representatives, policymakers, academics, professional societies and nonprofit organizations gathered for the International Blood Safety Forum in Arlington, VA to discuss the current and future needs for safe blood in low resource countries around the world. The speakers and the audience generally agreed [...]