JAMC Blood Bank in Georgia Receives a Generous Donation

We started the year with great news. The latest generous donation by Helmer Scientific was delivered this past week to Tbilisi, Georgia. Helmer Scientific has donated multiple items of life-saving cold chain equipment as part of their corporate philanthropy program, “Chill the World.”  This equipment is now helping make safe blood accessible and is increasing the number of blood products the Jo Ann Medical Center (JAMC) Blood Bank in Georgia can store. JAMC now has the capability to perform more cardiac surgeries and provide additional lifesaving treatments for children in need.

“Helmer Scientific is pleased to partner with Global Healing to deliver life-saving equipment through our generosity program, Chill the World. The blood bank products donated to Jo Ann Medical Center will support their efforts to treat children with congenital heart defects and other serious illnesses in the country of Georgia,” said Lori Gabrek, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at Helmer Scientific.

At the JAMC blood bank, renovations to the physical infrastructure continue as plans to build a multi-profile hospital near completion. The blood bank moved into a larger space and Global Healing has sent over medical equipment and supplies to support their increased capacity. The new platelet incubator donated by Helmer Scientific will supplement their existing incubator, which has been in constant use due to their high demand for platelets.

Toma’s Story

“They gave a second chance to our son.” One month old Toma’s parents were so grateful to the nurses, surgeons and doctors at the Jo Ann Medical Center that they told us they were considering, “changing his birthday because he was born for a second time.”

Diagnosed with congenital heart defects, he underwent surgery at the JAMC shortly after birth. Surgeons at the JAMC were the first in the entire Caucasus region to perform these life-saving operations on infants thanks to training from Global Healing volunteers. More than 20 years later, they have established themselves as cardiac care leaders in the region. The refrigerators donated by Helmer Scientific enable the JAMC blood bank to supply the safe blood and blood products that make these procedures possible today.

While doctors continue to observe Toma’s condition, he is expected to live a full and healthy life. His parents are excited about the future–and already thinking about Kindergarten!

The new refrigerators donated by Helmer will allow the blood bank to segregate untested, tested, and released blood products into completely separate refrigerators, an important safety measure to ensure the appropriate use of donations. The laboratory refrigerator and freezer donated by Helmer will provide dedicated space for storage of laboratory reagents and of archived serum specimens. Our program aimed to ensure a safe supply of blood products for life-saving surgical care and transfusions throughout the country of Georgia.

Blood Donor JAMC

JAMC blood bank staff received training in best practices thanks to Global Healing volunteers.

Operating since 1999 and now fully self-sufficient, the JAMC Blood Bank supports surgical needs at the Medical Center and supplies blood to other medical institutions throughout Georgia. We are continuing to support efforts to scale up existing blood transfusion services at the JAMC and to establish their Blood Bank as a National Center of Excellence, which will serve as a training center and model for other blood banks throughout the country.

About Helmer Scientific
Helmer Scientific is a manufacturer and global distributor of high-quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for the healthcare and life sciences industries, bringing over 35 years of cold storage experience to the market. Helmer Generosity is a corporate effort of Helmer Scientific designed to spread a culture of generosity through philanthropy and volunteerism. For more information, please visit https://www.helmerinc.com