2015 Annual Report

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. For more than twenty years, we have fostered relationships and supported the development of services around the world. Our friends and partners continue to make progress that will directly impact the health of patients across four continents.

From sending volunteers over 7,000 miles to train nurses in Vietnam to facilitating early morning webinars reaching blood bank staff 11 time zones away in the Republic of Georgia, Global Healing is going the distance to build a healthier world. In 2015, our volunteers traveled thousands of miles to train medical professionals and improve patient care in five countries. We incorporated digital learning components into many of our programs, and launched our very first all-digital blood safety initiative to reach countries across Latin America. Sharing skills in-person and online, we have been able to expand the impact of our programs and engage more people than ever before. Beginning in our office in Berkeley with a message from our president, we’re looking forward to traveling around the world with you as we share our programs’ achievements in the Global Healing 2015 Annual Report.

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Each year, over 90% of Global Healing’s expenses are devoted to building meaningful programs. Moreover, we automatically allocate 100% of donated¬†funds from the public to program services. This is part of our promise to you to constantly strive for excellence.

Below, you’ll find our most recent IRS 990s, financial audit reports and annual reports for a more in-depth review of our financial and programmatic responsibility.

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